The Casa sul lago was born out of our passion for Conigli Ariete Nano and joins our amateur breeding KINTAMANI.

In Bracciano, on our property, we have been breeding Dwarf Ariete Rabbits for 4 years.

All our breeders come from important and noble bloodlines, which have allowed us to select our bunnies in beauty and above all in excellent character skills.

The Aries Dwarf Rabbit is the smallest among the Aries breed, their adult weight does not exceed 1.3 kg, they are characterized by long soft ears that reach the ground, their fur is silky and thick, strong muzzle, short legs, and compact body.

Our bunnies are followed by us from the first days of life, keeping under control the nest wisely built by the mother with her fur. After a few weeks, the little ones begin to leave the nest, curious, our socialization begins, they are intrigued by the voice and have learned to recognize it! Two months after weaning our bunnies are ready to finally be adopted and therefore to leave our home.

Our customers are mainly children and teenagers, so it is very important for us to deliver a peaceful and socialized pet.